Since 1996, when the renewed company Open Society ” Litinskyi dairy factory” was born, there  started activities aimed at the establishment of external economic links of the company for expanding the products’ sales areas abroad.

Since 2004 , the company emblem and ТМ “Bilozgar” became known to the inhabitants of neighboring countries, Middle East and Central Asia.

Since that time, the company products have been exported to Moldova, Pakistan, Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mauritania, Philippines, Singapore and China.

Such products as powdered skim milk, demineralized dry milk whey, and hard cheeses are exported to the foreign markets.  ТМ “Bilozgar” established  business contacts with India, and started to export a new product there – butter. The first delivery has just taken place.

Main work goes through official traders of the company. Close perennial links were established with Singapore business communities.  A number of world famous companies are among our partners, we are dealing with directly.

However, the strongest commercial relations are maintained mainly with the neighboring countries: Moldova, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

Numerous negotiations on cooperation are maintained with the other countries.