Look for our dairy products in a new package from now! We are glad to inform you that “Litinsky dairy factory” Ltd, TM “BILOZHAR” starts to pour kefir, milk and yoghurts into also
Похожие a new packaging – PURE-PACK.

Why did we choose this particular package? It is environmentally friendly, since it is made of high-quality cardboard with two-way lamination. Pasteurized products are poured into aseptic packaging, resistant to microorganisms. The undoubted advantage of the PURE-PACK cardboard packaging is its high protective properties, easy use and easy disposal.

We are convinced that the most useful fresh milk products in high quality packaging help to maintain the health and longevity of our consumers. Milk and dairy products contain a variety of nutrients balanced in composition, which are easily digestible by the body, normalize the intestinal microflora and fill the body with calcium for the strength of the bones. In the processing of milk stored valuable nutritional and biological properties, which allow them to be included in therapeutic and prophylactic and dietary products.

So, meet the products TM “BILOZHAR” in the shelves of the stores also in the updated package and enjoy it with pleasure. Bon appetit!