During many years the Open Company «Litinskyi Diary Factory» supplied the market of Ukraine with qualitative dairy goods. The best recognition of quality of our cheeses, yoghurts, butter and the other dairy goods became rewarding of our brand by a high consumers’ award in the annual regional competition “Names to be trusted “.

By results in 2016 and 2017 ТМ “Bilozgar”  was recognized  to be the leader in a category “Brand”.

There was done a research among the consumers with the purpose to determine the degree of consumers’ trust to our trademark. The trust is a complex parameter of the favorable attitude of people to the brand from the point of view of quality, service, and cost of products, positive image and understanding of individual requirements of the customers.

Interrogation was carried out among the inhabitants of the town of Vinnitsa.  Results featured ТМ “Bilozgar” as unconditional, absolute leader and the favorite manufacturer of dairy goods.

We are grateful for the trust, granted to us and we’ll always keep the trade mark at the highest level, in order to keep this trust and meet expectations of our customers.