Mission of our dairy factory is not limited by just providing people with qualitative diary goods.

Along with high quality, we also give much importance to assortment and a variety of products for consumers of dairy goods produced at our Open Company «Litinskyi  Diary Factory». This year we have widened the palette of our production with yoghurts and processed cheeses.

In particular, we have developed and launched the production of yoghurts with various tastes. You can enjoy now the natural taste of chocolate, banana yoghurts, yoghurt with the bright and saturated taste of apple pie, savor the unsurpassed taste combination of kivi and a banana, coco and almonds, and a sunny cocktail of exotic fruit.

We have also thought, that it would be great to please our customers with new tastes added to one of the most favorite delicacies favoured by the majority of our population, which is the processed cheese.

The palette of tastes was widened with a processed cream cheese with the taste of paprika and greens with garlic. You can enjoy the taste of your favorite processed cheese at any season of the year.