Dietary cottage cheese ZEPHYR

Recipe for cheese ZEPHYR

Those who keep  their figure, know well, that  zephyr is the best dessert. It is sweet and simultaneously contains necessary nutrients. It is NOT high in calories and useful.

2 hour, 10 minutes
Cottage cheese ТМ «Bilozgar»400 Gr
Gelatine20 Gr
Milk ТМ «Bilozgar»200 Gr
Dry leaves of Stevia upto taste

Shake up cottage cheese in a blender. Presoak gelatine in milk (please, read instruction on gelatine preparing on its packing). Add stevia to cottage cheese according to your taste, then add milk gelatine (prepared by you). Mix it all good in a blender, fill in the forms and put them into a refrigerator for 2 hours.