Facts about hard cheese

Facts about hard cheese

All of us have got used to see big variety of cheeses of a different kind, appearance and taste on the supermarkets’ shelves. However, why hard cheeses are that popular?  Why are they good for health?

Actually, the first cheese appeared thousand years before in ancient civilizations, when people already made cheeses. Probably, cheese making started after people began to receive milk from livestock.

One needs about 10 kg milk for making 1 kg of cheese. This is approximate – because different recipes demand different contents.

Ten meters long block of cheese weighting 26 tons and length was made In Canada in the last century. The manufacturers used more than 200 tons of milk, for this purpose.

 Most of all cheeses are being made in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. On the whole, more then 20 million tons of cheeses of various sorts are made all over the world.

There exist more than 500 kinds of cheese in the world. Some other classifications name more than 1000 various kinds and sorts of cheese. Italian mozzarella is the most popular from them.

Scientific researches, concerning influence of cheese on health and wellness, have found out, that cheeses contain tryptophane. It’s an amino acid, which improves sleep and reduces  the stress level. An especially high amount of this substance contains the Cheddar cheese. Besides, dentists do confirm connection between consumption of cheese and healthy teeth.

The Dutch say, that people who eat cheese need no dessert and the Frenchmen consider that the table served without cheese is like a day without sunshine.

Therefore, if you are not yet a big supporter of cheeses probably you simply have not found your favourite one.  Therefore, ТМ “Bilozgar” invites you to taste cheeses of our production.

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