Homemade ice-cream

Recipe for homemade ice-cream

Probably, you will not find a person in the world who would not like ice-cream. Whatever additives would be used, “Plombir” ice cream always remains the “Plombir” ice cream. We suggest that you make ice-cream at home using dairy goods of  ТМ “Bilozgar”. You will be delightful!

5 hour, 15 minutes
Milk powder ТМ "Bilozgar"200 Gr
Milk ТМ "Bilozgar"600 ml

We dilute milk powder with cold milk (in proportions to be guided by the producers’ information, specified on the packing). Then we have to shake the dissolved milk. It is important to begin process at small speed and then to increase it gradually. We shake it up to dense, stable foam.