Milk is the source of calcium

Interesting facts about milk

Milk and other milk products is the most valuable source of calcium. All the other Ca sources from pod-bearing plants and greens cannot be compared in any way with milk, cheese or yoghurt by Ca absorption in the human organism. One cup of milk is equivalent to 10 portions of pod-bearing plants or spinach.

Calcium from milk is better assimilated by the human body, besides, milk is the most valuable source of lactose and vitamin D.

Even pasteurization does not influence the content of useful nutrients. Pasteurization of milk kills only the pathogenic microorganisms, which cause various diseases.

The following myth concerns contents of hormones and antibiotics in milk. Own milk production at ТМ “Bilozgar” is set up using  the most advanced technologies and the European standards. Refined and advanced monitoring system allows only absolutely pure milk into processing.

No other milk can replace the cow milk . Alternatives in the form of soya milk, nut milk, coconut milk and other kinds milk are just not milk substitutes and do not  carry such a high benefit for the human organism.

People, suffering from lactose intolerance, should not completely refuse from consuming milk products. The best alternative to the whole milk is yoghurt, kefir, cheese, and these products are also made by ТМ “Bilozgar”. Protein in firm sorts of cheese and yoghurts is well assimilated by the human body and does not contain any threat for people suffering from  this disease. Besides ТМ “Bilozgar” makes special dietary products for people with lactose intolerance.