Cake Recipe

It is very easy to make the scalded pie from dough. The cream turns out tasty, line an ice-cream. To put it short, we make insanely tasty pie from a simple set of products!

2 hour, 5 minutes
Milk ТМ «Bilozgar»- 700 ml.
Water100 ml.
Egg6 eggs
Flour140 Gg.
Butter ТМ «Bilozgar»280 Gr
Salt1 / 2 teaspoon
Sugar160 Gr.
Potato starch50 Gr.
Lemon juice from 1 / 2 lemon
Vanillin0,5 Gr.
Powdered sugar1 / 2 teaspoon

Mix water, milk, salt and butter in a casserole. Put it on fire and bring to the boil. After the milk boils, we add all flour at once and make the scalded dough. Next, we add eggs one by one into the warm dough, the following egg is added only when previous has been well mixed up with the dough. Half of the dough is evenly spread in the form. Feel free to make any figures you like with a spoon, so that some hillocks were formed while baking. We bake it in a preheated bakeoven at temperature of 200 degrees C for 25-30 minutes. Then we bake the second cake layer. While flatbreads are baked, we cook cream. Pour milk into a casserole, put it on fire and bring to the boil. Mix an egg, vanillin and sugar in a bowl, add starch and stir it up to homogeneous consistence by a beater. When milk has begun to boil, we take half of boiling milk and pour it with thin stream into the egg-starch mixture, constantly stirring it. The received mixture is poured into the second half of boiling milk and then cooked up to consistence of thick cream. Let it cool down. Softened butter is shaken up in a mixer for volume and it is added gradually by 1 tablespoon, shake it all up in a mixer. Squash juice from one half of a lemon and add it to cream, while mixing it. We construct a pie in the form of baked flatbreads, protect the rims of the form with parchment paper. Stack the bottom cake layer, put cream on it and level it up, then cover with the second cake layer, slightly pressing it down. Place the pie into the refrigerator for impregnation for 6-8 hours. Strew powdered sugar on top.