About company

“Bilozgar is a milk gift

History of the  «Litin Diary Plant»

The idea of own production was born from the big passion to qualitative cheeses.

The history of the famous producer of cheeses goes back to XIV century and the time of Bogdan Khmelnitskyi. Since then a lot of milk was processed into cheese.

The revival of famous traditions begun in the year of 1957 and that unit became in 1982 production shop of whole milk substitute for feeding the young cattle. Four years later the enterprise became an independent structure.

A renovated company Open Society «Litin Diary Plant»  was born after reconstruction in  the year of 1996. The company emblem and the trademark was approved and registered by the chamber of Commerce in Vinnitsa.

ТМ “Bilozgar” entered  the Ukrainian  dairy products market in the year of 2004,  and at once  registered the “know-how” technology for  the production of firm  abomasums cheese « Bilosgar – Extra».  This unique development became the pride of company collective.

Own productional capacities allow us to make products of the highest quality – firm cheese, abomasums cheese, processed cheese, soft and paste-like cheese, butter, whey and dry milk, yoghurts, whole-milk products (cow milk for drinking, sour cream, kefir, fermented baked milk, and cottage cheese).

We keep the European quality standards and constantly introduce modern production techniques for making goods from the whole milk, using simultaneously ancient traditions of cheese-masters from our local Podolsk region.

ТМ “Bilozgar” never stops at the achieved results, constantly developing new kinds of tasty and natural products. For today, the enterprise is one of the leaders in dairy production in the country, because the factory capacities allow to process up to 300 tons of milk daily

The highest activity aim of the enterprise is the production of the high-quality products,   meeting the valid standards, norms, and the requirements of consumers. For this reason, we run the constant control of safety and quality, both of raw materials and products, supervised by the own industrial laboratory of the factory and simultaneously by independent accredited laboratories.

Distributional  activity of the company is being constantly perfected, and covers for today such cities as Kiev, Kharkov, etc. The original company trade network in the Vinnitsa area is also growing. The company products are exported abroad to such countries, as  Moldova, Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mauritania, Philippines.

Because of this all, our ТМ “Bilozgar” became the leader in a category «Brand-2016» by results of independent research in the competition “Names to be trusted”, and the winner of the competition «The best trade mark of Podollia 2017».

It is the highest recognition of quality and professionalism.

 Own farm is the basis of a quality product

The Open Company «Litin Diary Plant» owns a farm of the European type. Annually one building more is being restored there.

There are more than 2200 heads of cattle at our farm “Napadovske”. 900 milk cows from this total herd bring 9600 liters milk from one cow annually. For comparison – in 2013 there were only 146 heads of cattle there.

Breeding of Hosltein milk livestock started with 300 Ukrainian and 100 Czech heifers.

Cows are fed with specially selected and balanced ration. Animals are kept clean, in ideal conditions, without any bonds, under a canopy in the fresh air, with free approach to the feeding table and water, maximally close to natural conditions.

Livestock specialists use the Dutch herd management program. This is the way the basis of high efficiency is achieved. As a result, we get 23 tons of ecologically pure milk daily.

Milking of cows goes on in a milking hall with the Israeli equipment, processed with special disinfectants. Such a system allows to receive a high-quality product.

Having production of our own, we are sure in the quality of milk from which we make cheeses, butter, yoghourts and other diary goods.